Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doctor, Doctor....

  This week, my wife, Lesley, had to go into the hospital for surgery.  After four previous back surgeries and multitudes of testing and medication, it was finally determined that the only recourse was to control the pain since there was no fixing it.  There is a remarkable little device called a spinal cord stimulator.  It blocks or reduces the pain signals that the brain is getting from the affected area.  She had tried the trial version of the device and it seemed to do the job.
  So wifey went into the hospital, yesterday, for the procedure.  Whenever she is out of her element, or closer to the truth, out of my sphere, I find myself getting beside myself (is that redundant?).  I don't sleep well nor do I focus well.  Obviously that is because I have a strong attachment to her.  So I was very happy, today to get her back home again and tie her down to the recliner (figuratively speaking) because she is a very active person.  She has the ability to multi-process or parallel-process things in her mind very rapidly, whereas I can only serial-process process at a slower rate.  Getting Lesley to relax is a big task, indeed. 
  Thanks to all that have been supportive while we have been transitioning Lesley into a bionic format.  I am working on a USB interface in her naval for present and future modifications and upgrades!

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