Saturday, March 31, 2012

From The NRTF Department*......

Image result for big bed  Be strong...I have come up with a new area in my blog called the NRTF (Not Really That Funny) Department.  And to kick it off, here is my first offering that I just made up moments ago....
  Two inventors were talking and one said to the other, "I have invented a big bed that will sleep ten people!"  The other inventor responded, "That is a lot of bunk!"
  My apologies........

Friday, March 30, 2012

My Life's Itinerary.....So Far - Part 8

  In August of 1970, I was assigned to Incirlik, Turkey.  I was only stationed there for seven months so I don't have a lot to say about it.  Being the non-adventurous type, I didn't mix into the culture much.  Most everything to be said is in my entry entitled Hup! Twoop! Three! Four - Part 4You can go there and read all about it and save me some typing!  If you click on the map to the left, to enlarge it, you can see a city near the southern coast called Adana.  Incirlik is about 6 miles to the east of Adana.  To the south of Adana, about 20 miles, is Karatas where there was remote site where I spent some Air Force time as mentioned in the above mentioned blog entry.  I had also mentioned some of the guys I hung out with.  I came across a photo (sans me 'cuz I was taking the pic) that I wanted to include:
Right to Left: 'Pop' Matthews, 'Rookie Ryan', 'Severe Scott, and the rest I have forgotten (it's been 41 years for pete's sake!).

In March of 1971 (exactly three years since enlisting), got orders to go back to the States.  However, I took some time off and had a little vacation in England on the way back.  As the Brits would say, I went on holiday.  My friend, Mike, whom I was stationed with when previously in England, and I took a road trip along the southern coast of England right out to the western tip known as Land's End.  It was fun although a bit cool that time of year.  As depicted in the photo on the left, we had some car trouble with Mike's MGB-GT and our smiling mechanic resolving the problem.
  So back to "The World" we go.  ("The World" was our expression for the U.S.).............

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Musical Memory

Image result for musical memories  Again, while listening to the radio, I heard a blast from the past (is that phrase overworked?) that was good to hear again.  In 1955, The Platters came out with The Great Pretender, which sounds just as good now as it did then.  Give a listen by clicking on the title.
  The group had 40 singles on the charts between 1955 and 1967 including four #1 hits.