Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Best Vacation Ever!......

Ignore the 'grown-up', he's a prop. (Just kidding, Bobby, oops,
not suppose to say 'Bobby'.  Just kidding, Bob 
  Had the great joy of being part of a family reunion this summer.  It was brief, only a few days, but I had a blast.  (am I dating myself using the term 'blast'?).  Nothing better to perk you up then to be immersed among fifteen grand-kids!  There were a total of 28 people including all six of my kids, altogether at the same place and the same time.  We rented a large house for three days and each family 'subset' had their own area.  Kinda reminded me of my college days where we had a 'suite' of rooms with a few guys in each room.
  The whole operation was like a well-oiled machine.  All the activities were planned out and all the meal schedules were divided up.  I was impressed.  All I had to do was enjoy the whole thing.  I have to admit that the greatest pleasure was spending time with each grandchild, one on one.  Spending time with my grown-up kids was a treat, too.  I marvel at how well the married kids compliment each other.  No, I don't mean they kept saying "You're pretty great!" to each other, but how they are a good fit.  I imagine some of that may happen immediately and the rest of it develops over time.
  Like I said, it was a blast.

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