Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"It Feels Like Someone Is Watching Me......."

  It's interesting how words and phrases change their meanings over time.
  For example, 'CD' use to be a banking term meaning 'Certificate of Deposit'. Now it means 'Compact Disc'.  Even that term is old as the usage of compact discs has diminished.

  Or another is 'link'. In the past the first thing that would come to mind is a part of a chain, now it is a way to get to a website.  That is an easy segue to 'web'. It was commonly thought of as a trap made by spiders, now it is the invisible network of the internet.  And on and on.....

  Phrases change their meaning as well.  One example; if one said "I feel like I am being watched" say, forty years ago, a listener would assume that the speaker is suffering from paranoia or is really being watched from the shadows.  Now if that was said today, one of the first thoughts by a listener would worry that the speaker might become a victim of identity theft.

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