Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"....Between Science And Superstition...."

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The Twilight Zone was one of my favourite television programmes growing up.  I just started watching the old shows (again).  There is something about watching black and white television that gives the viewer a different sensation and even more so in high definition. 
  The creator, Rod Serling was a rare breed, click on his name and you will see his biography.  I have just finished reading it and learned a lot more about him that I didn't know before. 
  It is fun to watch the old shows for various reasons.  Serling sometimes would put an underlying message into his scripts and sometimes they were more straightfoward.  One reason he started his own show was to avoid the censors and restrictions by sponsors that he often encounted when writing for other shows. 
  I also enjoy seeing the everday objects of that time period on the 'sets' that were familiar to me when I was young.  The old baking soda fire extinguishers hanging on the wall, or the Coca-cola dispenser at the soda fountain of the local drug store, the old cars, to name a few.   And seeing famous actors when they were much younger and less famous.
  If you ever want to see old shows like this as well as current shows and movies, I highly recommend Netflix.

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