Sunday, September 18, 2011


  Since my last entry, work has given me the opportunity to drive around in some of the places that were hit hard by Hurricane Irene.  Driving through the areas was something similar to watching the aftermath of a disaster movie or seeing news footage from Hurricane Katrina.  But actually being in the middle of it takes on a whole new meaning.  A couple of my supermarket accounts had been flooded by almost three feet of water in their stores that had the consistancy of milky coffee.  Consequently, they had computer equipment that was damaged, not to mention many other things.  It was my job to assess the damage to the computer gear that we maintain for them.
  The towns of Windham and Prattsville were severely flooded being so close to the rivers.  The high rapid waters made toys of everything in it's path.  I was told that ten homes along the river in Prattsville, were washed away.  Fortunately no fatalities. 
  Roads and bridges were washed away or badly damaged from erosion.  Homes, trees, sidewalks and lamposts were uprooted or toppled.  Farmland turned into mudland and crops were ruined.  Cars were floated and found in different places when the water went down.
  The power of the hurricane was impressive, but the way everyone pulled together when it was over was more impressive.  The owners of the stores I spoke of, went right to work, smiling all the while.  They were well aware of the financial losses, but their primary goal was to get open as soon as possible because they knew the local folks depended on them.
  After all is said and done, I have realised how lucky I have been in my life (so far!) to escape harm from natural or man-made disasters.  I hope I haven't broken the magic spell after saying that.

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