Monday, April 23, 2012

A Declaration!

  When the Personal Computer came upon the scene, there were many remarkable things about it.  Probably the most obvious attribute is the amount of information that is available.  That was and is my downfall, because every time a question (often trivial, but sometimes legitimate) pops into my head, I want to run to a PC and look up the answer.  In fact, I have started a draft blog entry talking about my affinity (a nice way of saying obsession) to collect information.  That entry will be showing up soon.  Anyway, to me, the biggest attribute of PC's is how they can consume an incredible amount of TIME.  I sit down and start puttering away, and before I know it, three hours have passed and it seemed like fifteen minutes.  That is quite a phenomenon.  Maybe it has something to do with black holes or string theory.  Now, normally, as you may have noticed in other blog entries, I would attach links to these two phenomena so you could read further on it.  This time I managed to suppress the urge! (A recovering information addict, not!)
Image result for ban computer  All this was on my mind when I woke up yesterday morning.  Normally I walk from the bedroom to the office and the first thing I do is turn on the PC before I hit the fridge or let the dog out.  Instead, I went from the bedroom to the living room because of something on my mind.  I didn't let the dog out because it is often the last one to get up (and always the first one to go to bed).  So I am sitting on the couch, looking out the window and thinking about my routine for the day and had a revelation.  I quietly made this DECREE to myself and my sleeping quarter acre kingdom that, starting TODAY and at least one Sunday a month, would HEREBY BE DECLARED PCoff DAY!
  When I retired that evening, I was happy to think to myself that PCoff Day was a success.  The PC was never turned on and I survived by finding other things to do which resulted in a productive day.  I managed to do some things that I have been putting off for a long time; quality time with Lesley; Truffles, the dog, found more time on my lap; and my fingers didn't dry up and fall off from lack of activity on a keyboard.
  I thought Sunday would be the best day since the rest of the week, the PC is necessary for my job.  Ideally, I might make every Sunday PCoff Day, but I shall take baby steps first!

Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done. - Andy Rooney

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