Monday, August 7, 2017

Remember Me?

Image result for my bad  Omigosh, it has been almost ayear since my last entry! My bad! So sorry, Readers. A lot has happened that has kept me too busy, or I have simply been uninspired. Maybe a bit of both.

  Since my last ramblings, we have sold our home in upstate New York and headed West to the state of Idaho to be closer to family. As one gets older, one really can get attached to kids and grandkids and when they are far away, it really makes a void in one's life.

Image result for moving  So here we are in Idaho. The place isn't foreign to me as I had lived here some years back. Which would explain why I have family here. Just call me Mr. Obvious.  We bought a home and settling in nicely. However, my wife and I are not enjoying the aging process, who does? Ongoing afflictions are preventing her from resuming work and although I am able to continue work, albeit a bit slower then before, I have been finding it difficult to find employment in my venue. Although prospective employers never bring it up (that would be illegal), I think they tend to defer me due to my age.
I have found a situation that may seem to work out. Time will tell.

Image result for growth  I can't get over how much the area has grown.  It was going through a growth spurt when I lived here before and it continues. It use to be a five mile drive from downtown would put you into farm country. Now it takes a ten mile drive to do that. And that is only certain directions, otherwise you are driving into neighboring towns.

  My wife and I agree that one thing we DON"T miss from the Northeast is the humidity, bah!

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. - John F. Kennedy

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