Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joys Of Being A Dad - Part 6

  It has been a standing joke, since Stephanie was born, that she is my favourite daughter.  Fortunately for me, because they are so rare and special, she is my only daughter.  She has always been a joy to me and while she was growing up, I often told her that she couldn't leave home until she was forty because I couldn't bear to part with her.
  When Stephanie was small, we had a tradition that I would carry her to bed and tuck her in.  At bed time, no matter where I was, she would seek me out with arms stretched.  As a teenager, for a laugh, she would sometimes want to relive the tradition.  Stephanie had umpty-nine stuffed animals that she would meticulously arrange each morning on her bed after making it.  I would sometimes stand each one of the critters on their heads for fun. 
  Her grammar school had a reading program called 'Book It' (it still operates!) which provided Stephanie with coupons for Pizza Hut.  When her turn came around for Saturday lunch with Dad, that is where we often went, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  Being outnumbered 5 to 1 by her brothers didn't bother Stephanie too much.  She did pretty well holding her ground while she was growing up and the boys did a pretty good job of watching out for her.
  When it came to gift giving, Stephanie would often give me very nice, comfy, plaid flannel shirts.  One day, when she visited me a year ago, we were talking about this and I asked her why the shirts were always plaid as opposed to some other colour.  Stephanie replied that many years ago, she asked me what my favourite colour was.  Now, I make a joke of just about anything, and this moment was no exception.  I said that because I am a person that cannot make decisions, my favourite colour was plaid.  Well, her young mind accepted this as fact and it has been plaid ever since!
  One thing that I have always been grateful for, was the fact that no matter how difficult or easy life was for Stephanie while she was growing up, she could and would talk to her mom and dad about it. 
  Now she is all grown up with three favourite daughters of her own and a devoted husband.  Seems like yesterday I was building a toy stove for her and now she is a fantastic baker of goodies.  Stephanie is very talented and determined and can do whatever she puts her mind to, so don't get in her way!
  Yes, I am a lucky dad to have been blessed with a very special daughter.

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