Friday, August 31, 2012

My Life's Itinerary.....So Far - Part 10

A 2006 photo of where I use to live in the '60's
  March of 1972 brings me back to Kennebunk, Maine, after my four year stint in the Air Force.  It has been over four years since I was living in Kennebunk, see My Life's Itinerary.....So Far - Part 2
A 2006 photo of my room in the '60's,
 it hadn't changed a bit!
  When I came back 'home', my old residence was gone.  At the time of entering the Air Force, I was living with my grandmother (my grandfather passed away while I was in high school).  While I was away, she sold the house in Kennebunk and settled into a retirement community in Saco, Maine.  I never thought about it until later, but all my 'stuff' that was in the house was now gone.  I suspect it was either thrown out, or packed up and stored in some forgotten place somewhere.  My biggest regret was not doing better by my grandmother by keeping in touch with her more frequently considering all she had done for me.  Sometimes being young and being stupid are synonymous.

A 2006 photo of my old workbench,
it didn't change much, either!

  I lived with a family that I had known all through my teen years.  I knew them through the local church my grandpparents and I attended.  I was treated like a member of the family and to this day I am considered a son and a brother.
  It was in Kennebunk that I met my first wife.  We lived in an apartment Kennebunk on Grove Street for a short time and then an apartment in Kennebunkport for awhile.  Then to a little cottage that was behind the home of friends for a short time where we also had our first child, a son named Aaron.  He was actually born in Portland, Maine.  It was pretty exciting being a new dad.  That is when I had the full realization of what it was like to 'learn as you go'!  The cottage wasn't really suitable for winter living, especially with a baby, so we moved again!  My grandmother didn't think much of the cottage that we were living in and she always referred to it as 'the shack' in a non-complimentary way.  So that is what we always called it, in fun.
  Within a couple years, we relocated to Sanford, Maine, I believe it was about 1974..

In July of 2006, I took a ride on my old street, Woodside Drive, and noticed that there was activity in my old house.  Someone was preparing to move into it.  I took the liberty of asking them if I could take pictures and they said yes.  It changed very little since I was a teen.  In retrospect, wish I took more pictures.

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