Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Want, I Need, I Gotta Have.......

  There are some material things that are low or non-existent on my "want" list.  Some of these items are:  clothes, guns, cheeses, jewelry, motor vehicles, and piercings, to name a few.
  There are a few things that are high on my want list.  Some of these items are:  spending time with my wife, old radios, certain tools and gadgets, time with kids and grand kids, and certain technology items.  I am here today to talk about the last item, more specifically, a tablet computer.  In fact, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.  Omigosh, it has been like waiting for Christmas.  Ever since the Surface RT was announced in October, I have been extremely interested.  When I researched the RT, I learned it wasn't the real deal, but a stripped down version of Windows 8.  It sorta fell somewhere in between a 'droid and a PC, not having the full potential of the full version Windows 8.  Then I had hope, because it was announced that a full version Surface would be released about the end of the year.  Now, I was really interested, because, not only was it going to be Windows 8 but the Professional version.  So, December came and went, no release of Surface Pro.  January came and went, still no joy.  Then, at last, a release date of February 9.  Oooops, somehow 'karma' must have known I wanted one, and was determined to disappoint me.  After the release, it was sold out and stayed sold out.  In the meantime, further research showed that their was a drawback with the standard model that had only 64GB of storage. The operating system uses up most of it, which put me off a bit.  There was a reprieve  however that there was a 128GB model, but it has been out of stock for what seemed like forever...until, TADA, today! (February 21)  So I finally put my order in and hoping for delivery in about four days.  Whew!  Man and Machine together!  Now wasn't that a heart wrenching story?

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