Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Life's Itinerary.....So Far - Part 12

  It's 1975 and I find myself in Somersworth, NH.  We lived in an apartment on Maloney Street, off the Salmon Falls Road, just down the road is Berwick, Maine.
The Rochester house, today.
 In the late 70's, there was no garage.
  I started a new job in a new industry.  It turns out that my wife was friends of a family who had a small cash register sales and service company.  He needed a technician and hired me on.  You can read more of this spell-binding story by going to It's A Living - Part 2.
  It was here that we were blessed with son #2 and son #3.  That is, within ten minutes of each other!  Yes. Twins!  There names are Scott and Trevor.  I loved the language they had between them.  So now we are a family of five.
  In a year, we bought our first house.  We moved to Rochester, NH to a street called  Paradise Drive.  Oddly enough, it was also off the Salmon Falls Road at the northern end of it, just before Route 202.  Route 202 continues easterly to our former residence of Sanford, Maine.
  In late 1976, #4 son, Brent, was born, another unique personality, like Aaron, Scott, and Trevor.  Amazing how same parents can create such variety!
  In 1978, my first daughter, Stephanie, was born, woo hoo!  From her first breath until today, what a joy in my life!
  Also in 1978, I started working at a larger cash register company based in Concord, NH (See It's A Living - Part 5).  That meant commuting almost an hour to get to work.  Fortunately, I could often start work from home by going directly to service calls in my area.
  1980 brought us #5 son, Bobby (he now prefers Bob).  Another great addition to the family.
  While at this house, I increased the living area by two-thirds.  I added an addition on the back which contained three bedrooms and a family room.  To do this, I had to sacrifice the smallest of the three bedrooms in the main part of the house.  Six kids need the space!
  More changes in 1984 when my employer asked if I would be interested in transferring to Vermont to service that newly acquired area.  Of course!

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