Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's A Living - Part 2

   In 1972, after serving in the Air Force for four years, I got a summer job driving a fish truck, which comprised of making deliveries to hotels and restaurants in the York County, Maine area, or driving to Boston to pick up fish from the wholesalers.  If I wasn't driving, I was filleting fish in the shop.  Needless to say, I smelled very fishy at the end of the day.  That job lasted well into the fall (I did a good job so Bob Preble kept me on longer).  Very soon after that, I found work as a carpenter's helper with Nick Kingsbury of Cape Porpoise,  Maine.  I had experience working with carpenters as a teenager during summer vacations (see: If I Were A Carpenter...) and learned even more from him.  These skills paid off later.  During 1973, I was an electronic lab technician with Maremont Corporation in Saco, Maine.  That was very interesting work where I built and tested prototype alternators following the designs made by the engineers.  In 1974, a friend of my wife's needed help in a business he owned.  Dick Lemke had a small cash register company and he needed a repair technician.  I knew nothing about cash registers so he trained me and a week later, he went on vacation and I was on my own for awhile, it was sink or swim!  That, my friends, is how I got into the cash register game, and I have enjoyed it ever since!  Fair warning, more to follow!.....
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