Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fortunate Son - Part 1

Have you noticed my posting titles sometimes make references to music or movies?  It is so easy to relate life to them because they are written from life.

  I was on a service call, yesterday, and my mind was wandering as it often does while driving.  I would be in deep trouble if they passed a law similar to no texting while driving if it stipulated no thinking while driving.  On the other hand, there would be less road rage.  Anyway, moving on...
  It occurred to me that I am very fortunate to have a job where I can drive through different parts of the Northeast and enjoy the myriads of scenery.  All of Nature with her trees, mountains, and landscapes.  All the many different forms of architecture in the villages, towns, and cities.  All the expressions of art presented in many different ways.  All the people in their various vocations and habitats.  My job has provided me with this opportunity for 37 years and I never tire of it.  If circumstances permits it, I sometimes stop and tarry for a bit to look more closely at something that I find particularly interesting.  Sometimes people ask me how I can drive so much.  It isn't too difficult when I am witnessing the World as a panorama from my driver's seat.  If I do become fatigued, I pull over for another treat in life, a 15 minute power nap!

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

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