Friday, December 3, 2010

Joys Of Being A Dad - Part 3

  I am lucky enough to have twin boys and as often happens, they may look alike but in many ways they are definitely individuals.  Odds of having twins are roughly 3 in 100.  And the wives' tale that twins skip generations is wrong because I have a son with twins.
  Anyway, Scott is my oldest twin by ten minutes and he is the most personable person you could ever meet.  Even though he is grown up, he is still a kid at heart and loves playing with his nieces and nephews.  If you want to get into a political debate, Scott is ready for it.  He also loves his country and is fiercely patriotic.
  If Scott is in the right state of mind, he can do anything.  When he was young, we heated with wood in Vermont, consequently I would have wood delivered.  The wood would eventually have to be stacked up to dry and then over the course of the winter, be stacked in the garage as needed.  I would have the kids get involved with the moving of the wood.  The only way I could get Scott to willingly move the wood, was to tell him to pretend that each piece of wood was a round of ammunition for heavy artillery.  Growing up, he loved playing a soldier in combat.
  Scott is generally a private person, and when he finds out that I have been doing this little exposé, he will probably want to kill me.  Good thing I am a couple thousand miles away from him!  But I always miss having him around.

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  1. That chore of stacking wood on the side of the house for a couple days in the summer and then moving it every Saturday to the garage in the winter is something for which I will always be grateful. It taught me the satisfaction that comes after a job well done. It taught me to appreciate a warm home. It provided more bonding time with Scott and my other siblings.

    Thanks, Dad.



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