Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blast From The Past - Part 2

Another of my old favourite, feel good songs was Brown Eyed Girl (click on the title for music and lyrics) by Van Morrison.  It came out in 1967, I was 18, graduating from high school and the world was my oyster (yeah right), if I only knew what was ahead!  While you are in high school, you think you have it really tough with all the studying and the homework.....let me tell you, it is a breeze compared to what comes after.  But it's all good.  Every phase of Life has it's rewards, don't you think? 

<  And speaking of rewards, this is one of my granddaughters, Jessica!

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  1. We love our brown eyed girl! Thosse eyes can make you melt into a puddle. Thanks for the fun blog!


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