Friday, December 17, 2010

Joys Of Being A Dad - Part 4

  Having Twins is pretty special, along with everything else, you have double fun and double worries.  The first big adventure with Trevor took place when he was 10 months old when we found him in his crib with one eye completely white.  It was scary, to say the least.  To make a long story short, he had congenital glaucoma and it followed with many doctor visits, hospital visits and surgeries.  The disease was arrested but he never had vision in that eye again.  The next big adventure, he was a little older and had a burst appendix and we almost lost him.  No thanks to a misdiagnosis by our pediatrician.  (His last diagnosis for us, I might add).  He was a trooper through that and many other maladies after that, including broken bones, lacerations, etc.  I suspect that he had more doctor visits then all the other five children combined!  But all the emergencies only helped build his unique character which we have all grown to love.  If you ever need to be 'pumped up', just spend time with Trevor. 
  He now has a wonderful family that completes him.  He has worked very hard to overcome difficulties.  If you had asked me, when my six children were small, who would be most likely to attain a Master's Degree, Trevor would have been my last guess, but he has recently achieved that goal and I am proud and humbled.
  If you ever want to see him in a moment of ecstasy, just give him some lasagna.

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