Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh The Horror Of It All....

  Funny the things we remember.  I imagine a shrink could have a field day with my little brain.  Recently I was reviewing upcoming programming on the TV.  I still think the DVR is the greatest invention ever!  Anyway, I came across a film called Pit And The Pendulum.  It was a cheesy production of Edgar Allen Poe's short story.  Of course it starred Vincent Price and, as often happens with these kind of films, about the only thing that the story and the movie had in common was the title.
  Though I have never been a big fan of horror films, I did have a fascination for Poe's works.  When Pit And The Pendulum came out in 1961, I, a lad of twelve, was looking forward to seeing it.  I even had the movie advertisement clipped out of the paper and pinned to the wall over my bed.
  As I was saying, funny the things we remember, because I cannot remember any other films that I saw in 1961, so what is your diagnosis, doc?

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