Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Life's Itinerary.....So Far - Part 6

  My next residence after Biloxi, Mississippi was Mildenhall, England in November of 1968.  For the military aspect of my time there, go to my blog entry:  Hup! Twoop! Three! Four! - Part 2  I spent two years in England and the first year was here.  I thoroughly enjoyed the country and look forward to going back someday.  I left in 1970 and haven't been back since, though I may get an opportunity this Fall, fingers crossed.
  Mildenhall is a village in Suffolk with the nearby village of Lakenheath.  Both villages are greatly outnumbered by their RAF base namesakes. Consequently, the locals are not always friendly to the GI's.
  A lot of my free time was spent driving around the countryside and visiting various places, including London of course, in my 1949 MG Y-Type which was the first car I ever owned.  It was a unique vehicle, at least to me.  It had a built in jacking system where there were hydraulic 'legs' that extended behind all four wheels.  Under the 'bonnet' was the pump for the jacks and you could lift the car right off the ground.  Also there was a window curtain to cover the back window by pulling a string that was by the driver, which was on the right side of the car, of course.  And if the battery was dead, no problem, there was a crank with the spare tyre that could be inserted in the front grill to crank-start the engine.
  Looking at pictures from there, I am reminded how geeky I looked!  The only consolation I can give myself is I could have been Buddy Holly's twin brother.
  Next stop, relocation to another part of England....

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