Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life Forces - Chapter 8 - Anger

anger.gif  Anger is one emotion we see too often, but a natural condition of humans.  Some secondary emotions of Anger are irritation, exasperation, rage, disgust, envy, and torment.  It can be caused by a vast range of sources from the most basic, such as survival, to the most complex such as relationships and competitiveness.  Of course, Anger can be linked to any and every other emotion.  There aren't too many positive attributes to Anger, but there are some, such as anger in oneself can lead to self improvement.  It is something that everyone is familiar with so instead of belabouring the point, suffice it to say that it is something that should be controlled and limited, when we 'lose it', we lose our common sense, self control and rationale.  You had better agree with me because you don't want to see me angry!

Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools. - Albert Einstein

Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them. - James Fallows

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