Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Watson, Come Here, I Need You"

  Alexander Graham Bell probably had no idea what the future held after he uttered those famous words into his first practical telephone in 1876.  The first transatlantic call by radio was in 1927 and the first transatlantic cable telephone calls were possible in 1956.  Then a mere six years later, in 1962, Telstar carried the first phone call via satellite.  For good or bad, telephony has virtually become the heart and soul of everyone.
  What may be high tech at one point in time, becomes archaic at another time.  Case in point; in the film Sabrina, Humphrey Bogart plays a successful businessman, conducting business on his phone while being chauffeured around.  It is 1954 and you see him talking on a bulky radiotelephone handset with a huge antenna on top of the limo.  High tech then, ridiculous now.  Today we almost lose our phones in our pocket.  Not to mention video calls on the Internet.
  Nevertheless, technological changes are exciting.  Too bad our world wide sense of cooperation couldn't keep up the same pace.  In closing, let me leave you with a popular song that came out to celebrate the Telstar satellite:  Telstar by The Tornadoes

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