Sunday, March 27, 2011

(ring, ring)...."Hello, I Want Your Money!"

Image result for telephone  The downside to the advancement in technology is that it provides so-called entrepreneurs more means to get into your face and try and sell you something.
  A large percentage of the phone calls I receive at home are 'junk calls'.  Their uninvited calls interrupt your personal life and demands your attention, then to add insult to injury, they try to convince you that you need something that you don't want.  Or perhaps they are being paid to play on your sensibilities by soliciting donations from you.  How much time and/or money are THEY donating to the cause?  Or they want you to get into debt more so they can 'help' you get out of debt.  I like the sketch where Jerry Seinfeld gets a junk call and asks the caller for his or her home phone number so he can call them back at an inconvenient time to talk to them further.  I was given a ray of hope when the government started a 'Do Not Call' registry so that junk callers can be reported.  That didn't amount to much.  By law, solicitors are suppose to identify themselves on the caller ID, yeah, right.  Then there are the con artists that are trying to steal from you.
  What about those pesky 'pop ups' on the computer.  Do they really think I am going to buy something from someone who practices those methods of advertising?  Or they try and strike fear in your heart by faking that your computer has detected a virus and you need to buy protection immediately.  Not to mention those that pretend (phishing) to be your bank, or other provider, and wanting account numbers and passwords.
  I don't mind junk mail (from the post office).  I deal with that at a time I designate, not on demand like a phone call, where I can simply throw it away.  Sometimes the credit card solicitations get out of hand.  I simply stuff it all into their postage paid envelope and mail it back to them with a 'No Thank You'.  That seems to put it back in check for awhile.
  Thanks for letting me unload, I feel much better, now!

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