Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Dad - Part 2 (Memories)

  The first car I remember Dad driving was a Hudson.  We lived on Woodlawn Avenue in Kittery, Maine at the time.  I don't remember the colour but it was similar to this '53 Hudson Hornet.  It seemed like he was partial to big, heavy cars, but then, most cars in those days were.  While living on Goodrich Street in Kittery, he had an Oldsmobile convertible.  He would wear his sun glasses and look like Steve McQueen.  Dad always had the radio on and tuned into the popular music of the day.  One song I remember coming from the Oldsmobile in 1962 was Wolverton Mountain by Claude King.  He never tinkered with the cars, just drove 'em.
  Dad loved to play cribbage, he must have been desperate for someone to play with because he taught me how to play.  He had a cribbage board that a Navy buddy of his made for him.  It had a wood base with a stainless steel top and engraved markings.  I wish I had it but it was lost.
  Sometimes Dad would cook and one thing I remember him making was S.O.S. which was chipped beef in a white sauce on toast, or a variation of that by substituting tuna for the chipped beef and adding peas.  He called it 'Tuna Pea Wiggle'.  I don't know where he got it from, maybe while in the Navy or from his mother who was a cook.
  I miss him.

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