Friday, September 24, 2010

You Have Mail!

Dear Reader,
  If you are of my generation, you will remember when Cable TV first came out.  It was a hard sell to the public to get people to pay for television viewing.  The big attraction was no commercial interruptions on the cable channels.  Hmmmm, that didn't last long, after awhile there were just as many commercials on the cable channels as on the network channels and you were still paying for the service. 
  Jump forward to this decade.  Now we have satellite radio available.  XM touted commercial free radio.  I thought that was great because I was forever hitting the preset buttons on my car radio to avoid the commercials.  So I signed up for satellite radio.  It wasn't long that commercials started to creep into the some of the satellite radio channels.  I also noticed that the XM jargon changed from 'commercial free radio' to 'mostly commercial free radio'.  I couldn't even go to the competition because XM and Sirius merged together.  What happened to anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws?  Why do the corporations get to 'double dip' by taking money from the listeners and the advertisers? (Whew!  I feel better now.)
  So where am I going with all this?  I decided to spare you, my reader, from the advertising clutter on my blog my turning it off.  From looking at the statistics, you are far to intelligent to be clicking on them anyway, so I wasn't going to get rich real soon.  I decided that $4.69 profit from a month and a half of blogging wasn't going to put me on easy street.
  So enjoy my ramblings and feel free to post comments and/or become a follower so I know how I am doing!

Mr. T. Observer

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