Friday, September 10, 2010

The Open Road

  I love my job, for several reasons.  One reason is that I get to travel around by car, locally.  Most of the time it is on the interstate to the same group of customers.  I have my satellite radio playing and it is quite pleasant, except for the occasional rude driver or inclement weather.  Sometimes, on purpose or by necessity, I will travel the 'back roads'.  The best place to do that is in the New England states, which I get to do occasionally, but upstate New York is pretty good, too.  There is something about the character of the roads, the assemblage of houses in their many varieties, the farms and barns, and the foliage that makes it a joy to drive.  Usually, on my way to a call, I am focused on getting there and can't really enjoy the splendor of the drive until my return trip home.  I sometimes think about the location I am in and imagine what the same view would look like 150 years earlier.  Yup, I like my job.

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