Saturday, October 23, 2010


  Even though I was born in Virginia, I consider Maine my home since I spent most of my growing up years there.  We are spending this weekend in Kennebunk where I experienced my teenage years and graduated from Kennebunk High (go Rams).  I am very glad my grandparents (whom I was living with) chose to move to Kennebunk as it is always a great place to be all year around except you are tripping over tourists through the summer.  It is a lovely small town on the coast and I wouldn't mind being back here permanently if circumstances permitted it.  Carol and Kristen are always great hosts whenever we visit.  Oh, Angus and Sass are great furry footrests, too.
  Normally when we travel from upstate New York, we fire across the Massachusetts Turnpike then up I-95 but occasionally we go cross country through Vermont and New Hampshire and that is a more pleasant way to go.  There is something a little magical about going through Vermont because the colours of the grass and trees are more vivid then in the surrounding states.  There are no billboards and life's pace is just a tick slower.  New Hampshire always has a rural feel to it, even when you are in it's cities and the roundabouts are frequent which I like because it reminds me of England, except you are not driving clockwise.
  The weekends go so fast and before you know it, we have to head back to our not-so-favoured home, but always ready to return to Maine..  We are already planning to come back for Christmas which we often do.  If you have never been to Maine, or New England for that matter, you really should, it is easy to fall in love with the place.

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