Monday, October 18, 2010

My First Embarrassing Moment (But not my last)

  How many of you remember your very first embarrassing moment?  The one I remember was in kindergarten so I have to assume it was my first one, at least the first one I remember.  Setting the stage, it was 1955 at Frisbee Elementary School, Kittery, Maine.  The class had been outside for recess and I got carried away and spent too much time in the snow and became soaked.  Back inside, my teacher, I believe it was Mrs. Philbrick, saw that I was wet and had me take off my pants and sit at my desk with a a blanket over my lap.  I was mortified because everyone could see my underwear through the back of the chair.  I was probably marred for life!  Those of you that know me must be thinking "that explains a lot!".
  So there you have it, a confession of a deep, dark secret!  But that is just between you and me, okay?


  1. This story makes me laugh a little... you poor thing. I will never offer you a blanket that only covers part of you. But when you are here make sure you always grab and adult towel and not a child one or you just make have a moment like the one above. :)

  2. That does explain a lot.


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