Monday, August 9, 2010

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

  Lessons are often hard taught and hard learned (is that grammatically correct?).  Either, as the student, we are a captive audience or have a desire to learn.  For the teacher, the job can be a chore or pleasant, depending on what category of student he or she has. 
  However, I am only going to speak of life's lessons.  Where everyone is the student and the 'teacher' would be any given situation.  Even more specifically, I am going to narrow down the learning session to entertainment and not real life.  Confused?  Hmmm, I often have that effect.  For example, the TV series, Star Trek, in all it's various forms, was a great learning tool.  'Really?' you say?  Think about it, often times the story line will parallel a current subject or current event of the day.  The most obvious scenario is the rivalry between planets, say, Humans and Klingons.  In the story, they often times overcome their differences.  You could easily replace the alien characters with a couple different races from Earth.  But if you did that, the writers would be shackled with fear of the networks being liable for racial improprieties.  But when you are dealing with aliens, you have complete freedom and can get your message of peaceful coexistence across to the student.  Ooops, did I say student?  I meant audience! Sometimes the message is direct and sometimes it is subtle.  I don't mean that it is subliminal, just subtle.  One film that comes to mind that was very good at providing subtle education, was WALL·E.  It actually provided multiple lessons for self improvement.
  Every day is a new lesson in the classroom of life.


  1. Great perspective!!!! My dad will love it. I hope you don't mind, but I posted it on my blog, Come on over and take a look. Hope all is well. -S.

  2. Dad, I love that you are blogging, way cooler than facebook! I will put you on my favorites! Love all your thoughts too!
    Love, Daught


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