Friday, August 13, 2010

The Ultimate Gadget

  I admit it, I am a gadget freak.  I like modern conveniences and if a particular one isn't available, I will build it.  They just kinda keep adding up but always useful.  My laptop evolved to a hard wired and wireless network with  2TB network storage and 5 PCs with other peripherals.  I try to explain that away as a necessity for keeping on the top of my game as a field engineer.  And it was essential to have a hot water recirculation loop attached to my tank less on demand water heater so there would be hot water the moment I turned on the tap.  A laundry chute from the master bath to the laundry room below was essential along with a bottle chute from the kitchen to the basement to store those annoying returnable bottles and cans.  My wife gets upset with me when I talk about adding an extension phone somewhere, to date we have eleven, I think.  There are other things but I don't want to bore you any more then I already have.  BUT, the best gadget of all, the piece de resistance, if you will, is the DVR (digital video recorder) in our satellite receiver.  What a marvelous invention!  With it I can conquer two of the most formidable enemies, Time, and Commercials!  With it, I can watch TV programs when I want to watch them, I am not a slave to the clock and have to watch them when they are broadcast.  And best of all, I can skip right by those pesky commercials in a blink of an eye.  Commercials!  Bah!  If anyone from another planet watched our television programming (and who says they haven't!) they would probably come to two conclusions; first, our basic diet is prescription medicine, and second, we buy cars as often as we buy milk and eggs.
  So, yes, I am a gadget freak.  I am currently trying to find a way to digitally capture the contents of my brain and download it to my hard drive, then I should be immortal, that would be kinda cool..

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