Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm All Shook Up.....


surprise.jpgWhether you are a Darwinist or a Creationist, there is no doubt that human physiology is remarkable.  More specifically, human emotions.  I was thinking, today, how we physically react to emotional response.  For example, if we are scared, our eyes are wide open, we breathe faster and our pulse increases.  Some responses are really intriguing. Depending on the event, such as fear, euphoria, heart break, being caught in the act, despair, etc., we get different physical reactions.  It might be a pain in the pit of our stomach, a cold sweat, a warm rush, a shot of pain through the brain, tenseness, among others.  I suspect there are medical reasons for all of these cause and effects, nevertheless, the human psyche is fascinating.

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