Monday, August 30, 2010

Innocence Lost

  Human frailties are a given as we all have them to one degree or another.  Controlling them, now there is the problem.  That is a human frailty in itself, somewhat of a quandary.  The human frailty under the microscope, today is innocence.  We are all born innocent and learn what is contrary to innocence.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.  For example, when you are young, you are innocent, therefore gullible.  As you get older, you become wiser and learn the ways of people and then become less likely to be 'taken in'.  On the other hand, you may become the one that learns how to 'con' people.  I think the gift of innocence is one of the saddest things to lose as we grow.  It is part of the magic that you see in children's faces that, unfortunately, dims with age.       
  However, sometimes the flame isn't always completely extinguished.  Occasionally you will see it shine through in the form of humanitarian aid or comfort.  Or it may strike a chord when you are reading or watching a touching story.  That human trait should be fostered not buried away as an embarrassing human emotion.  It is sometimes a driving force for people professionally, too.  Often times, people in political office have high ideals and every intention to 'make a difference'.  Nothing wrong with that, except they get beaten down by the system, make compromises, and give in, leading to mundane representation or worse, corruption.
  My recommendation is to be 'responsibly innocent'.  OK, don't roll your eyes, one can still get along in Society and not come off as a 'Pollyanna'!  What I mean is, conduct your daily activities with a proper attitude by looking for positive attributes.  Be genuinely interested in what you are doing and who you are dealing with.  I doesn't mean that you should be a phony.  It is like getting stronger by exercising.  You have to exercise your mental attitudes to really want to change them into a more 'innocent' posture or any other attitude or posture, for that matter.
  Or to put it simply, just try being a kid again!

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  1. I loved and laughed at the comment on the encore of laying your head on your pillow! I love that too and now I know I can do it twice!
    Love, daught


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