Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old Dog Learning A New Trick

  I can't believe I am doing this, creating a blog.  Harumph!  What have I done?  I jumped into the Facebook pool for awhile.  It was great finding friends and classmates.  Once that was accomplished, it seemed to become a collective of mindless prattle.  So I have distanced myself from that and just peek in once in awhile or use it as a tool to find another 'new' old friend.  I don't even want to talk about Twitter.
Image result for dog trick  Having said that, here I am.  I thought it would be interesting to put my thoughts down on 'paper' and see if there is any like mindedness out there.  We are all in it together in this life, so why not make the best of our common sojourn and share what we learn and what we think?  It might make the traveling a little easier and more enjoyable.  I have no idea if anyone will even happen upon my blog, but time will tell.


  1. I loved this start to your blog and must say i agree. Facebook is great to find friends again and that is about all.
    You amaze me each day and i learn so much from you.
    Your one and only bug.

  2. I love your bog grandpa! Thanks for showing me!
    Your loving 13 year old granddaughter in Texas
    I learn so much from you! You are one of my favorite grandpas.


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