Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Music of Sound

The secret lies within...

  Don't you agree that hearing is an incredible sensory perception?  Besides the obvious applications such as conversation and music, there are so many discreet portrayals of audio waves that can have a profound affect on our minds. 

 Imagine examples of individual sounds:

-  Wind rustling through the leaves of a tree.
-  Hearing the old clock on the mantle chime.
-  A babbling brook.
-  The satisfying sound of playing cards clipped with a clothes pin to the wheels of your bicycle.
-  Popping bubble wrap with your fingers.
-  Crickets in the night.
-  The pleading sounds of a dog.
-  A squirrel eating a nut.
-  The clinking of milk bottles being left on the door step in the early morning.
-  The gentle breathing of your mate in the quiet of night.
-  A purring cat.
-  Hearing the end of period bell ring in school.
-  The uniqueness of hearing someone speak with an accent.
-  Snow crunching underfoot.
-  Waves lapping on the shore.
-  The rapture of a child's laughter.
-  The footsteps of a loved one approaching.
-  Hearing my grandmother cooking in the kitchen.
-  The sound of whales.
-  Thunder
-  A baby's first cry.
-  The crackling of a fire.
-  A woodpecker.
-  The sounds of delight at the arrival gate of an airport.
-  The cracking of ice on a frozen lake.
-  The sound of the mail box closing on a new treasure of mail.

  That is just a fraction of everyday sounds.  Interestingly, the absence of sound can affect you as well.  I moved from living near a busy road to a house at the end of a street in the countryside.  It was so quiet in my new home that I had to get use to the lack of sound.  I tell people that the silence was deafening!  But once I got use to not hearing the din of the old home, I was soon able to pick out individual sounds at the new home.
  Never take hearing for granted.

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