Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Info

  Here is a collection of info that may be interesting to you or draw a response like "Are you kidding me?"

√  If you are thinking about buying a copy of Windows 7, you better check to see if your PC can handle it by going here.
√  If you received a scandalous email about a prominent person and want to know if it is true, go here.
√  If you want to get almost perfect information about ANYTHING, check this out.
√  Did you miss your favourite TV show?  Here you go.
√  Want to buy or sell (for free) something locally?  This is the spot.
√  A handy free utility from Windows called Windows Defender.
√  Want to know where a word came from?  Right here.
√  Want to know where a phrase comes from?  Easy.
√  OK, here is an obscure one, what if somebody asks something about a particular satellite?  OK!
√  Need the lyrics or chords of a song?  Tada!
√  And every body's favourite, math calculations!
√  A good site for free and low cost computer tests.
√  You never know when you might need those trig tables!
√  Want to read one of the classics?
√  Watching TV and you gotta know where you have seen that actor before!  Click here
√  A free but not perfect language translator.
√  The time anywhere in the world.

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  1. Hi Bob, here's another semi-useful site for abbreviations. Nice blog, thanks for the random thoughts. -bryan


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