Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Perspectives

  It is interesting how our perspectives change as we get older.  As  a child, you can't wait to grow up and do whatever you want to do, then when you are grown up, you wish you were a kid again.  As a teenager, you can't wait until you are legal age and then when you are, you longingly look back to the good times with your school friends.  As a young man, you look forward to a care free life of being single, foot loose and fancy free with marriage the farthest thing from you mind.  Then you have a new family and you realise, "Hey, this is great!  This is what it is all about!"  So, OK, you are a young father, now, happily playing with your little chips off the ol' block, but that is it.  The idea of being a grandfather is preposterous because that means you are old!  Nope, no way, gonna skip that part, no grandpa, no getting old.  Gonna stay a permanent thirty something.  But it sneaks up on you, your kids grow up, they get married, have kids.  Now if you stop and do the math: 
                                                       S + DL or D + SL = GC ∴YGF
  where S = son, DL = daughter in law, D = daughter, SL = son in law, GC = grandchild,
  YGF = you're a grandfather
But after awhile, you realise how much fun it is to be a grandpa.  You can spoil 'em, and when they get tired and cranky, you can send them back to their parents!  It is important to know that you occasionally have to buy them a drum set or a similar noisy toy for Christmas while they are still little.  This is an important tradition amongst grandparents known as 'pay back'.
  I love being a grandfather, I just wish the grand kids weren't so far away.  The only alternative is to capture them for a week or two in the summer in addition to visiting them as often as possible.  I loved being with my grandparents when I was young, so it is only right that we should have grand kids around when we are older.  This is also known as 'pay back'!

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